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Imagination, creativity and innovation are the keys to deliver intelligent PR solutions for our clients. Impact Media combines the experience of senior hands with the enthusiasm of younger personnel to generate ideas that produce the desired results. Our relationships with journalists at big media outlets and trade publications give us valuable insight into how to position our clients.

Impact Media uses advanced communication tools to deliver effective PR for our clients. PR is a company’s public persona and Impact Media designs PR packages that convey the client’s business objectives directly to its target audience. We are image shapers constantly on the lookout to generate positive publicity so that clients can enhance their goodwill and reputation. The client can be a company, an individual or a government. We keep the public informed about the activities of our clients by setting up speaking opportunities, writing executive speeches and annual reports, responding to inquiries and informing the media directly on behalf of our clients.

To keep pace with the revolutionary changes that have taken place in technology over the past few years, following the emergence of the internet and Web 2.0, our clients expect us to help them capitalise on the opportunities and overcome the challenges of the Wired World through an in-depth understanding of the media and insight into the changing populations of diverse audiences and stakeholders. Our collaborative approach maximises service flexibility and allows clients to benefit from our local knowledge, regional support and global reach.