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Media relations
Traditional news media and online media are critical channels for reaching the audience. Impact Media places media relations at the core of every integrated communications programme. We excel at matching the right message with the right audience. Our media specialists work with you to secure meetings and interviews with members of the Press and other opinion shapers to produce the desired results. We do this with a judicious combination of editorial and advertorial coverage, editorial placement, blog coverage, and by working closely with all branches of the media as partners for content development. We leverage our relationships with a wide range of print, radio, television and online media outlets, journalists and opinion makers to develop targeted stories.

Media tracking
We monitor the media for our clients to make sure they are kept informed of what others are saying about them and putting out their viewpoint at regular intervals. We track and analyse media coverage to determine important trends and key messages. We schedule, plan and execute news conferences, events, and Press and analyst tours.

Editorial analysis
How is the media covering your business and how can you get out the right word? Impact Media provides detailed analysis of media coverage to help clients understand how they can effectively counterpoint negative public opinion. Our media relations team prepares clients for the most effective media interactions. We provide briefings and factual analysis before meetings and press conferences so that our clients can shape an appropriate response.