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Your PR agency should know your business because each industry represents its own environment, regulatory frame, and culture. Impact Media delivers consistent results because of its focused approach to the industries it serves. We develop a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of each industry and apply our tools to every new client requirement. We use our global perspective and local knowledge to deliver targeted results. Research is at the core of all our client solutions, whether it is a client’s brand, its business, or the fundamentals of its market.

At Impact Media, we put special emphasis on understanding your objectives, knowing the consistent patterns of success, identifying the boundaries to better performance and how these envelopes can be pushed further. Our ability to take new ideas and tailor a more competitive approach to business communications from them is the foundation of our creativity. We create programmes that shape the perceptions of investors, business partners, customers and the market. We excel at what we do by tailoring your communications to your priorities.

Impact Media helps you achieve your objectives by drawing on our local market knowledge and industry expertise to deliver targeted results. We design effective communications programmes to create real value for your organisation. Our goal is to be a catalyst in communicating your objectives to the right audiences, with compelling stories and through the most powerful influencers. Some of our industry specialisations are:

»  Healthcare
»  Financial Services
»  Food & Agriculture
»  Technology
»  Travel & Tourism
»  Real Estate