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crisis management
Corporate reputation is not built overnight – it is meticulously planned and managed. Yet, inadequate crisis management can stimulate extensive media coverage, affecting a company’s operations with significant legal, financial and political costs. Each crisis situation is unique and requires a tailor-made response. No matter how much planning goes into preventing crises, there are always crisis situations that cannot be foreseen. With a rapid proliferation of new media outlets on the internet, crisis situations have taken on a whole new dimension.

Impact Media offers crisis PR packages that mitigate threats to client reputation, value, potential or goodwill among stakeholders. We offer a range of crisis management modules for organisations, ranging from preventive action to post-crisis response.

Crisis PR Training
Crisis situations require confident and professional responses from company executives. This involves learning how to handle journalists and understanding what the media is looking for. Impact Media provides business and institutional decision makers with tools to deal with the media effectively through training packages and workshops designed to maximize visibility in a crowded and highly-competitive market. We provide PR media training so that you are well prepared and capable of handling the most potentially damaging situations.