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Raising money from the market has never been more challenging. Listed companies often compete in a crowded investment market to fund their expansion plans. Impact Media ensures your financial reporting communications are benchmarked against industry best practices to ensure comparability in financial markets. Whether your company is undertaking a major restructuring exercise, a complex transaction or fundraising, we offer strategic guidance and expert advisory on all critical communications issues.

Helping our clients manage and enhance their perception by key stakeholders is Impact Media’s critical differentiator. We manage communications, both internally and with the media, to influence opinion leaders who can impact corporate reputations. We work in close cooperation with clients to develop a strategy for a communications programme, particularly when clients are approaching a milestone in their business operations. We assist companies in formulating and delivering their key messages before an IPO. When a company is restructuring, we help the management navigate roadblocks by instituting a comprehensive communications plan to make the initiative transparent.

Globalisation has exposed Romanian businesses to sophisticated investors and companies need to keep open a channel of dialogue with the investment community. Our Corporate Communications services not only help companies improve their visibility among investors, but also help understand what shapes investor perceptions. M&A communications need to address multiple constituencies such as individual and institutional shareholders, employees, lenders, regulators, the media, as well as political leaders. Impact Media partners you in developing solutions that furthers your corporate value and drive business results.