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Consumer Marketing
Consumers take their cue from what "reliable" sources say about a brand when making purchase decisions. They consult their favourite publications, TV programmes and websites, and very often professional colleagues, friends and family, community leaders, etc. These form the consumer’s circle of influence.

Effective consumer marketing at Impact Media involves entering the consumer’s mind in ways that will influence their decisions through a calculated infiltration of their circle of influence. It means understanding how consumers behave and locating the contact points for our messages.

Today's consumers have a wide choice of information and greater control over how and when they receive it. To be effective, Impact Media creates solutions that enable consumers to encounter our brands in ways that make a difference in what they think and how they act, and what they tell others about us.

Effective communications build and protect brands. The most successful brands embrace the full potential of communications to influence consumers, build trust and sustain long-lasting relationships.